Practice, Podcast 10

March 24, 2024

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Today I discussed the very important notion that meditation is really about gaining sanity. We need to learn how to deal with the very profound nature of reality, as a matter of practice. You will need this when you pass through the death bardo.

Before I began my talk, I was sitting on the lake shore near my home. I was thinking about speaking to you, as well as this idea that we need to master our mind, that we need to go beyond ordinary constraints, that we need to develop the ability to remain peaceful in any circumstance. When we meditate, or when we return from a Near Death Experience, people might think we seem a little crazy. That’s what having profound spiritual experiences looks like to the world.

I thought this, then looked up to see a halo around the sun. Without elaboration there is a sort of natural acceptance of such appearances. A sort of synchronicity occurs when we have this sort of presence of mind. It seems obvious and ordinary that the world, our entire existence really, is a miracle.

Blessings in Light,

Lama Robert

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