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Podcast 26

June 30, 2024

I have been asked to provide more of an example for Spiritual Practice by a friend. It is important to begin with Bodhicitta, making sure that our motivation is pure, not thinking that there is some selfish reason for this. We practice not only for ourselves but for all beings. This is the best way to begin.

The content of the practice can be anything that brings benefit. To know just what is beneficial, we work with mind, observing what increases our capacity, opening us up to unlimited possibilities. When we observe, we utilize Bodhicitta as our reference point. Does it bring benefit to all beings? Will this help us to awaken? If so, then do that, by all means. This is our main practice, the body of what we do. Utilize any and all teachings and methods that help.

When we conclude, again we utilize Bodhicitta. We have this attitude of helping all beings. If we have generated Bodhicitta in an authentic genuine way, then this is rather easy. We think of what we have just practiced and we pray that it brings benefit to all. This is often referred to as dedicating the merit, but what it really means is that we are concluding with an affirmation of our intention to awaken, so that all will find great blessings.

I hope this clarifies the basis of Spiritual Practice, why we do this. It is difficult to go beyond the demands of ego. Spiritual Practice is never appreciated by ego, unless we are doing it incorrectly. Ego becomes deconstructed through Spiritual Practice, and this is why we face so many demons, requiring courage, as well as a supernatural level of perseverance.

Blessings in Light,

Lama Robert

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