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Podcast 13

April 8, 2024

The prayer referred to as the Aspiration of Samantabhadra, or the Prayer of Great Power, heard, practiced or read during an eclipse, is said to multiply our actions by ten million times. This means that it is a perfect time to practice meditation, generating Bodhicitta, because such good fortune will be multiplied. Even if we don’t fully understand this prayer, the meaning is clear that we have the good fortune of awakening now available to us. We may take that Path.

This origin of this prayer is the Tantra of the Great Perfection which Show the Penetrating Wisdom of Samantabhadra, also referred to as the Tantra which Teaches the Great Perfection, the Penetration of Samantabhadra’s Intention. When I first read this, it made an immediate impact on my own Spiritual Practice. Hopefully, by sharing this with you today, you will find great benefit on your own Path.


Lama Robert

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