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This is moving. And it gives us courage to give that final jump from "almost" to actuality, from reducing futility to erase it.

Yes, you´re helping, and I thank you for that.

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think of this when gou walk in the woods: “May all beings be blessed”.

Try the mantra on for size. Test its fit within that big teddy bear heart of yours. Send the light of bodhicitta out from your heart as you walk, with aware intention:

-> in (0m) hold (ahh) out (hung)

“May all beings be blessed”

Radiate the light around the physical container of your consciousness. Expand the light energy out, out further still, out into no-thing-ness, the emptiness that surrounds.

Be alert for the biunce back via serendipity and synchronicity

these are signals that your practice is resonating with that which has no name



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thanks again robert for sharing!

this sure reminds me of ramana maharsis early death experience in his youth,with the years afterwards being in a state of total and utter disconnection from wordly attachment, to finally radiating his bliss to other seekers,just magical.

this feeling of missing something outside of self ,being lost and thrown around in duality ,creates a strong wish of escaping it all,neglecting the possibility to connect with boddhicitta, but then ultimately not clinging to the outcome,but knowing and treasuring each moment,good or bad, we have

be blessed all


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Thank you for this message Robert

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