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Its difficult because sometimes people get angry when you have different "ways of seeing" than the way they see things, but maybe a lot of the time its because deep down they are fearful. I understand that because I have lived in fear myself and it is such a awful way to live. The only thing I know that can compensate for pain like that is compassion.

I wish you a lovely holiday season with your family and lots of love and peace.

Blessings to you for all you do,


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the depth of aho continues to emerge


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its the actualisation of these insights that really matters,

for sure i feel the akwardness and uneasiness during these gatherings ,neatly described by you.

last week i invaded, kind of, the prayer circle of a sweatlodge ,just to tell these people that their biggest fears ,all these horrible obstacles that our mind creates are in reality a precious gift to lead us on our own specific path,the unique actual being that you and i are,far from the perceived small entity that our mind most of the time allows us to see,not in the thought but in the action,

the primordial energie of the bringer of light.

be blessed all,especially you robert;)



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