today is a special day,

i opened a teaching on boddhicitta very early in the morning , not expecting much and immediatly found myself repeating the bodhisattva vow, without real resistance but a joyful knowing,it really felt natural and right,as if its the missing link,

to bring the many hours spent thinking and reading or learning by listening to the ideas of others, into practice,into ordinary everyday life.

what a gift , one that i wholeheartedly wish to everyone,and thank you all for being here and helping each other on this lumious path.

sometimes the effort our brain makes to understand is itself in the way of getting the message you cant express in words

mögen alle wesen erwachen


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Nov 23, 2023·edited Nov 23, 2023Liked by Robert Aho

Hello, Robert.

You speak in this post about the impossibility of human terminology to define Dharmakaya and the dangers of trying to turn It into an object. You speak about It being an "extremely bright, fully aware Light". So it is the "bright light" condition of it that puzzles me. All my spiritual practice has been about formless, Impersonal, Transcendental Awareness. That´s where meditation and intuition took me. No bright or dark quality in It, but the Source of all. So when you speak about you becoming Dharmakaya in your NDE, I have a hard time understanding how It can have an objective quality, which is "light" which is "brightness". Who sees those qualities?

This is such an important question for me, so I would greatly appreciate an answer.

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