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Since our true perceptions are not human (seeing, hearing, etc) was your chanting while coming back to your body a focused vibration? Or was sound and image combined? So curious! Thank you 😊 Julie

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Hmm, that's a really good question. I think, in order to understand this, we need to learn how to drop our materialist paradigm. We have a tendency to reify or objectify, or conceptualize everything. This always misses what that is. In that dimension, we are one with sound, image, vibration, etc. Imagine uttering a sound, but you are the sound. What does that feel like? Now imagine that it's not really you uttering the sound or being the sound, that it is just a reflection of what cannot be grasped. This is why meditation is so important. In order to understand, we need to go beyond what we typically think is possible.

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