Sisu Great, eloquent and succinct.

In Mahayana Buddhism Perseverance of Clear Seeing or Prajnaparamita is said to be essential according to Shantideva in making progress on the Paths and Bodhisattva Levels. All of the perfections are useful and are the wealth of the Mahayana. Patience or ability to bear suffering of one’s making as well as seeing clearly the suffering of others is said to very useful to develop so we don’t react to others reactions and produce more disturbances as we proceed to skillfully negotiate every experience or application.

Having said all this, am looking forward to more being revealed so that the Two Fold benefit of beings is realized by all! Keep turning the wheel of Dharma ☸️!

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Yes, those qualities that Shantideva mentioned are similar, maybe not quite as deeply felt as Sisu. I always wondered why practitioners didn't emphasize perseverance as much as Shantideava seemed to emphasize it in his teachings. Sisu seems like the emphasis we need.

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what a wonderful poem,

thank you from my heart to yours

mögen alle wesen erwachen


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Patrul Rinpoche Shantideva’s emanation and Jetsun Milarepa surely do!

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Oct 5, 2023Liked by Robert Aho

So beautiful! 🙏💚🌈🐸 Namaste 💠 Bob!

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