If you are to be reborn, then you haven’t yet awakened,

this seems to be the key point on pointing out to ourselves and to others.as the buddha awakened he decided to stay and teach ,after being tempted to stay in the realm beyond time and space,.what a tremendous sacifrice.

Alle Liebe dieser Welt ist auf Eigenliebe gebaut.

Meister Eckhart

all love in this world is built on selflove,

these words of Eckhart remind use why we need to have bodhicitta for ourselves

in love


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self-sacrifice not sacifrice;)

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Awakening is our nature not bound by concepts. Of course there are said to be many methods or spokes to the wheel religion is method science is method Education is a Method. Each person is responsible to be their best being-how we do that is something not easily formulated or taught. Maitri and Karuna are how we can stay on the path without becoming reckless with one another or our own lives. Of course what we are devoting our lives to is what we become.

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