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Podcast 15

Guru Rinpoche Day! April 18, 2024

Today, on this Guru Rinpoche Day, people are taking the time to recite the Seven-Line Prayer, and to do other practices related to Padmasambhava. This is considered to bring benefit to all beings in very profound ways. Many people are dedicating their practice to world peace and for the alleviation of suffering on this day.

I would ask everyone from around the world who is receiving this podcast to please take some time out of your day to recite this prayer, either in Tibetan or English or whatever language is most comfortable to you. Many translations are available online, as it is a very popular prayer that many have found to be quite powerful.

People from the United States, Ukraine, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, New Zealand, Peru, Taiwan, Singapore, Denmark, South Korea, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Turkey, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom have become interested in what I have to say through my newsletter and podcasts. I am astounded by how many people from around the world are benefiting in this way. If we unify our efforts all around the world, just imagine how much benefit we will bring.

Blessings in Light,

Lama Robert

Thank you for listening to and participating in this Timeless Luminosity Podcast. This post is public so feel free to share it.


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