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How, why is it that since I started a serious, totally focused practice, life becomes a pure synchronicity? I mean, every single strong insight I have on my own, or any branch or perspective of it that hovers around after meditation in a particular day, is confirmed or addressed by whichever text I run into in the next hours or days? Because that has just happened with your text, and it happened with hundreds before, prior posts from you included...

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It's important to not make too much of this. If we become amazed, it can become a distraction; and, with a distraction, we find this synchronicity will disappear. The synchronicity happens because you are increasing your capacity through practice. When you increase your capacity, or we could also say opening your heart and mind a bit more, you are allowing your mind to relax into its real nature. This synchronicity just happens when we become serious about practice. It's a very good sign, but it happens within the illusion of life. The best thing to do, when you observe this is to just acknowledge what you observe and get back to practice, without fixating on that or allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by pride. By letting that rest, you are becoming acquainted with the ineffable light, with Ultimate Reality, which leads to awakening.

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