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πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ¦‹πŸžπŸ sooo beautifully said. Thank you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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Thank you very much, Robert.

Regarding this subject, IΒ΄d like to make you a somewhat difficult question, and as I am not an English native speaker, I am afraid I might be unable to explain properly what I want to convey. Anyway:

One of my most recurrent insights, especially while in meditation, alludes to One and the Same Awareness being behind every being. If this is correct, there are no individual "experiencers", but that One Awareness would be the one experiencing every life from the inside out. The inevitable inference would be that whatever wrong or right action a particular human "avatar" might make, it would be experienced by the same Awareness that is behind the one on whom the wrong or right action was performed.

If thatΒ΄s correct, the Karma thus created would not act by recreating future versions of the individuals who created that karma in the past, making these future versions suffer the consequences of their past lives. Rather, the damage would stay in the Universe, yes, but only because the Awareness that was behind the deceased and "bad" avatar would experience that damage by being behind any other avatar in the Universe who was afected by those bad actions.

If I am wrong, what is it that reincarnates? Because my insights lead me to identify with that One Unmanifest Awareness. And there is no personal, exterior, manifest trait in that Awareness that could migrate from life to life.

Was this comprehensible in any way? I hope so:)

Thank you in advance:)

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Well, I think it is very important not to reify our Real Nature in any way. This awareness on the ultimate level is not the same as some sort of being. It is knowing in a way that goes beyond concept, luminous, knowing without being something, not an object, not an idea, not a sentient being. What we think of as a self is like a reflection of that ultimate condition.

We have never been separate; however, we have a consciousness that is transmigrating, imagining that it is an independent self. This consciousness experiences appearances. Anything can appear. It is mind. Every possibility appears to this transmigrating consciousness that we call mind. It's not an avatar, even though it has similar properties. It's a reflection, appearing as all possibilities or as an individual being.

This notion of awakening is that the this reflection realizes its true qualities, becoming aware of the essence of being. It is when mind goes into the Nature of Mind. It is this luminous state of knowing, which is beyond concept, beyond separateness.

Karma, in this case when awakening happens, is completely dissolved, as having never been real, just as this great big dream we call life has never been real. The danger in discovering this illusion is that we sometimes conflate illusion with something that won't harm us. Since we think that this is real, having an ego, defending our notions of reality, etc., our actions can cause real harm in this and future lives, due to our clinging to what has never been real. Since we are fully engaged in this illusion, the reality of appearances cannot be overcome without awakening. Once we awaken, then there is no problem. All is good.

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