i like the way huang po expressed it:

if you look upon the Buddha as presenting a pure, bright or En-

lightened appearance, or upon sentient beings as present-

ing a foul, dark or mortal-seeming appearance, these con-

ceptions resulting from attachment to form will keep you

from supreme knowledge, even after the passing of as many

aeons as there are sands in the Ganges. There is only the

One Mind and not a particle of anything else on which to

lay hold, for this Mind is the Buddha. If you students of

the Way do not awake to this Mind substance, you will

overlay Mind with conceptual thought, you will seek the

Buddha outside yourselves, and you will remain attached

to forms, pious practices and so on, all of which are harmful

and not at all the way to supreme knowledge.

end quote

the actualization has to transcend the thinking,in real life,in practice,with all the unpleasantness involved ,but also with the miraculous wonders that will happen ,

when the clouds of misunderstanding burst open ,to reveal something very beautiful.

mögen alle wesen erwachen


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Oct 12, 2023Liked by Robert Aho

Beautiful poem. I love the comment "We start seeing how we attach labels and emotional misunderstandings to what we think is reality". That is so much like me and theres where I can give myself genuine bodhicitta and I can have genuine bodhicitta for everyone around me. Thank you for the blessing.

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Wonderful Expression!

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Oct 12, 2023Liked by Robert Aho

So beautiful! I love this mix of SISU and BODHICITTA 🌸 So funny how we must search outside of the English language for those words 🐸🙏🌈

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