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To me, this is one of the most clear, inspiring and practical posts you've done. Thank you, Robert.

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I Bow To Precious Sublime Bodhicitta 🙏💖🔆

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Man, I can’t stop reading these posts. SO helpful.

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I don't know why but for some reason enlightened beings write beautiful poetry. Whenever I read your posts I feel like I am sitting at the feet of and hearing the discourses of a Guru! I always look forward to your posts. Thank you!

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Thank you, this has given me so much courage. I think it may be my favourite post.

Infinite blessings to you for your kindness and encouragement. It gives us all strength to get through.

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thanks for your clear insight bob!

fear is a phenomena that is normally avoided in our everyday interactions and accordingly deeply tucked away in a destructive manner in our mind and nonetheless stored in our body.

if we allow ourselves to feel where and how it constricts this expression of our 3-fold appearance ,we finally are able to access these realms where we have to grow for the the benefit of ourselves and the well being of all hat sourrounds us.

so for a mind that works from the rational viewpoint as the first step it is a tremendous shift in perception if you willingly allow the other side of your brain to express itself, fearlessly letting appear these obstructions.

first you feel the pain and then you are thankful everyday you wake up first thing in the morning for another possibility your universe provides you with a chance to reach your innermost hidden center beyond all words and concepts.

mögen alle wesen erwachen


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