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Sep 17, 2023Liked by Robert Aho

I don't understand emptiness either, just a beginner in all this. I found some meditation on Youtube that uses alpha waves. I've been listening to it after a long day at work and I notice that my mind slows down and I feel more relaxed. Its a start.

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There's no hurry to understand emptiness. Simply relax as you contemplate appearances. In time it becomes more apparent that appearances are empty. This alone is not awakening, as we must recognize our Real Nature beyond any sort of constraints that we might create in our own mind. Emptiness is also empty, though we need to discover that reality.

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thank you for your words,

i guess my mind will never fully comprehend emptiness,but thats okay with me.

but i do see the path now clearly,

awakened acting,free of of all concepts for the benefit of all beings

thanks again

in love


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Sep 14, 2023Liked by Robert Aho

That´s it!

Robert, the most important insights I´ve had came as a result of staying as Totality, not as a "seeker". Yes, at first it is an act of imagination, but then this flash comes that totally feels like you are remembering an actuality, remembering something you´ve forgotten.

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