as always blessed by your beautiful insights,thank you

ego is a tricky thing,

if i do ask you for a more direct ,vivid teaching would that be egotistical of me?

it seems to me that that inquiring self is ego going back to its source

in love


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That's a really great observation. We can use ego to dispel ego, which does mean going back to Source. It's an interesting way to approach that; however, we look at ego as a sense of separateness in a reality that cannot be separate. Ego is really defending ignorance, believing in a reality that has never been real. If we use ego to dispel ego, however, we must be careful not to harm others in this endeavor. As I've said before, Bodhicitta is the key to unlocking our unlimited potentiality. We must practice with this in mind at all times. We can simply look at ego for what it is, having compassion for ourselves for creating this limitation in our lives. Seeing appearances, such as ego, for what they are, with compassion, helps us to dispel all of our poisons. Thank you for your comment.

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