The sound current (bani) came first, then the light - which is a reflection of the sound current's atoms... I would suggest...if Soul can distinguish such an AWESOME experience such as G💖D Realization🎶


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Dec 15, 2022Liked by Robert Aho

Thank you for another very helpful post, Robert. May I please make you a question regarding today´s subject?

If I had to name one insight I´ve had through meditation and pondering is that what I am seems to be a kind of impersonal unmanifest Awareness which is behind everyone´s "eyes", projecting and perceiving every individual body-mind perspective, and also transcending it completely.

Now, talking about spiritual paths, praying and mantra reciting is key to many of them, and I have used them too. But if our real nature is already a timeless awareness, as is my conclusion and I´d say yours too, wouldn´t praying create separation and the illusion of limited personal selfhood that reaches out to an outer/superior divinity in order to "improve"? Isn´t that a game that separates us from our already present reality which is not improvable? Same for mantras.

Thank you very much for any comment.

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Dec 16, 2022·edited Dec 19, 2022Author

Well, if we are praying, realizing that we are not separate, it is a sort of affirmation, helping us to awaken. With Guru Yoga practice, we sound AH. This sound is a mantra that is meant to unify us with our Guru. Since we already know we are not separate, yet we are plagued by all sorts of personal problems, this mantra reminds us of our real condition. It is the best mantra, because it helps us to unify with our Guru and our real condition in light. These practices are very necessary until we are fully enlightened. It is not enough to know intellectually.

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Dec 16, 2022Liked by Robert Aho

Your thoughtful response reminds me of a Dzogchen guru approach, where he basically stated that praying is not a means to our True Nature, but an expression of It.

Thank you very much, Robert.

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