thanks robert,

especially that you changed your mind on teaching,the necessety to teach gets stronger as we age,i remember me not wanting to share my insights with other as we all are under the spell of this perception of an insane ,dualistic and polar outer experience ,which lead to sort of rebellion,not to feed this the very thing one is annoyed of.

as indivuduals that we are we we need to get behind the percieved futility and accept that what we have to offer may resonate with others or not ,but is the only way we can give back whats been offered to us.

as we explore the vast knowledge of all the realized people,as buddha ,huang po or u.g.krishnamurti, we shouldnt forget to bring our insights into this dream,teaching others may be the ultimate blessing and boddhicitta.


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Preparing for death by practicing…. What kind of practice? Shunyata? Mindfulness? What kind of practice do you recommend? Thanks Lama Robert, love these posts

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Just last week I was thinking of asking you to write about the bardo again. I love hearing about it. Thank you so much!!!🙏

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I remember a particularly well spoken NDE´r, who appeared shining and happy in an interview about his experience, widely smiling while saying the same you just said: "you have never left It. You are there"

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